Welcome to Aruba’s first Safety and Security website!

A Volunteer Community Service to the people living in or visiting Aruba.

ArubaSafety.Tips is the creation of David Wing, Aruba native, born in 1972 who joined the Aruba Police Force in 1990. He worked different divisions like Patrol Unit, Traffic/Motorcycle Unit, Forensic/Crime Scene Unit, Helicopter Unit and others. More on:

“As a member of the community of Aruba, where I was born, raised, went to school and worked, I have seen so many changes through the years. I admire that the government and the Aruba Police is doing their best according to their best practice, vision and knowledge in crime prevention, but I know that a lot more can be done in a proactive way. The use of today digital media for information sharing must be available as a proactive approach to the community. I have no doubt that by this volunteer community project, I will contribute directly or indirectly to the general community of Aruba by providing Safety and Security tips on various levels”.

The aim of ArubaSafety.Tips is to provide Tips and Advices in various classifications or categories. Together and well informed with advice and tips, our community will be more aware to avoid unpleasant or unsecure situations. Equipped with the necessary knowledge you can take the appropriate actions or necessary precautions to prevent the worst to happen.

Let’s keep Aruba the “ One Happy Island “ for all of us and our Guests!